How to build a Snake Diet Meal Plan Q and A

In this video Cole talks about goal setting, fasting routines and how to get ripped using a fasting focused lifestyle. He explains the differences between different lifestyle types: the sedentary person who doesn’t do anything, the fat person who works out, the person looking to lose 10-15 lbs, lean person with skin issues, the person who wants to be super strong and super ripped and more.

This is a comprehensive video that breaks down the Snake Diet by lifestyle type, and how to get started.

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Happy New Year Fatty... Stop fucking eating!

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In this video we give hard core motivation. Stop eating, start building and get healthy.

Snake Diet vs Flexible Dieting... Fridge and Freezer Analogy

My Snake Diet is far superior over Flexible Dieting because it increases a persons metabolism like crazy! In this video Cole explains what sets the Snake Diet apart from flexible dieting. For people getting started not eh Snake Diet this is an educational video underlining the theory behind fasting.