Travis lost 51 lbs in 3 months on the Snake Diet

travis snake diet weight loss

Age 40
Height 5’ 6.75”
SW 196.4 lbs
CW 145 lbs

Month one lost 29.6 lbs. Avg 47 hrs fasting 
Month two lost 14.4 lbs. Avg 40 hours fasting 
Month three lost 7.4 lbs Avg 31 hours fasting 
Total weight dropped 51.4 lbs

My name is Travis. I’ve been lifting weights for years and put on some mass but through laziness, injuries, and sickness I stopped and the pounds piled on. What I realized was essentially I was working out to cover for my food addiction. 

With the weight gain came snoring, aches and pains, sleep apnea, general lethargy and panic attacks about having a heart attack.

Cole has honestly saved my life as all of those issues are gone in the first 30 days. I’ve also kicked my sugar and caffeine addictions. The funniest thing has been those who tell me they are concerned with my safety living a fasting lifestyle. 2.8 million people a year die from obesity related issues but no one said a word to me when I was fat. I start caring about myself and there is panic.

Can’t wait to continue a fasting focused lifestyle and continue to feel great. Cole thank you for calling me a Fatty and showing me how easy it is to take control of your life.

Mike lost 96 lbs in 5 months on the Snake Diet

SW: 297 lbs
CW: 201 lbs
GW: 180lbs “fasted” - 190lbs “Fed”

I started this journey on June 4th, that’s the day I took pictures and got serious about fasting. I was morbidly obese, high blood pressure, Acid Reflux, Irregular heartbeat condition (IST), psoriasis, no energy, joint pain, I WAS A MESS!! In 5 months time June 4th to November 2nd I lost 96lbs total so far.

Lots of 4-5 day fasts, some 6 day’ers, did one 10 day fast, a couple 72 hr dry fasts, and a bunch of 48 hr dry fasts.

I have been completely medication free for over 2 months! My heart condition that dozens of doctors could not find a way to cure (with meds nor surgery), was healed through fasting. I dealt with this condition for 8 years! I did a 3 day hard dry fast in August and after that I have had no symptoms and haven’t needed meds since and I feel awesome!! Not to mention all my other bodily ailments have been healed as well!

It’s been a long challenging journey breaking my food addiction and eating habits, sometimes I mess up but I always just jump back into another fast. Retraining the brain is probably the hardest part. Keep the faith, fight the good fight and SNAKE ON!! Love you all, never give up!

mike weight loss 96 lbs