Fasting cured swollen lymph nodes and tinnitus

So I found out about fasting through the snake diet youtube channel. Cole's in your face attitude really motivated me to give fasting a sincere try.

You see for the past year my health has been getting progressively worse. Ive been smoking for 12 years and drinking coffee about 2-3 times a day. Well my lymph nodes started swelling up in my throat and ears. I developed pulsing tinnitus (where you can hear your heartbeat through swelling around the eardrum).

After doing research I thought going Vegan would cure it, but my symptoms kept getting worse. I'm not a big guy and I bike over 6 miles a day, so to everyone else's point of view I was the symbol of good health, but as you no doubt know, what you see on the outside is not a good reflection of what's on the inside.

I finally had enough and took a week off of work.
I water fasted for 48 hours, then dry fasted for 36 hours. I broke my fast with green tea and an apple, but I wasnt quite satisfied so I dry fasted another 48 hours.

The first 48 hours were the worst. Caffiene nicotine and sugar withdrawals hit me all at the same time. But instead of wanting to give up, I took it as a direct correlation to how bad my health really was. 

I dont have health care and I can barely afford to make it to the next paycheck most months. My family doesn't have money. So this was really my only shot and I decided I'd rather die than keep living in fear and pain.

My kidneys were throbbing by the end of the first dry fast. For the first time in my life I could feel my organs and it was very uncomfortable to say the least. And actually, my symptoms got worse at first. Sleep was terrible, I couldn't focus on anything, my sense of time slowed dramatically. Every hour felt like a days worth of emotional and mental swings.

But instead of running from the situation, I embraced it. I got myself into this shit so I can get myself out of it. 

The second stretch of dry fasting was different. I woke up after my refeed entirely drenched in sweat. My head was clear. My body felt exactly like how you feel when you have a fever that finally breaks. I resisted the temptation to drink water, even though I was no doubt dehydrated. I was high on the feeling of defying my own body. My mind was screaming for relief but it made me laugh. I was hysterically laughing out loud at my body in its attempt to sabotage the process. It made me angry. I felt crazy. Like my body wasn't me, but a separate entity trying desperately to find comfort.

Well here I am. My lymph nodes are back to normal. My hearing is better. My sight is better. The head fog is gone. I can smell everything. Speaking of smells, I've smelled dead animals that weren't as offensive as my urine and bowel movements. 

I can't thank you enough Cole. Sincerely from the bottom of my heart, I have tears of gratitude. The relief I feel after being afraid for so long is beyond what words can express. You encouraged me to do this. You are truly a force of positive change in this world. Thank you so fucking much.

I know I didn't play by the rules with the pictures but what was important to me was my health. Not the weight loss.

-Lee Leboeuf