Kayt lost 11 lbs in 7 days on the Snake Diet

Height: 5’6
SW: 131
CW: 120
AGE: 36

My name is Kayt. I’ve officially finished my first 7 days fasted on Snake Juice! 

The reason I began The Snake Juice Diet was primarily to cure my Type 2 Diabetes. I am a married mom of 2 young girls who need me to be fully present, healthy and VERY energetic. Traditional Doctors would tell me I need Metformin, but blood tests were showing that Metformin was causing major stress on my liver (showing elevated liver enzyme). My blood sugar was out of control, my kidneys were steps away from needing dialysis. So, I reached out to Cole and told him my goals.

Let me be honest with you. This week wasn’t easy! But, I can tell you even after one week that this is going to work. I’ve been checking my blood sugars and even reporting them to a naturopath MD and my fasting blood sugars have stabilized dramatically. And though weight loss wasn’t my primary goal, I managed to lose 11.5 pounds in 7 days!!!! Never have I EVER done that. I almost fell off the scale in shock. 

Cole was and is tough on me but it’s because he won’t let me fail. Isn’t it so refreshing to have someone helping you with your health that will not let you fail? He’s helped me dig deep to find mental toughness that I didn’t know I had. After this week, I know I can do anything! If you are on the fence, stop hesitating. Show yourself YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS! You deserve this! You deserve to be healthy and happy! 
Thank you Cole for kicking me in gear. I will NEVER be able to thank you enough for pushing me to take this first step.

Kayt weight loss 11 lbs

My war story

I am a 56-year-old military and police veteran for over 35 years. As most people, I grew old and fat. Fell into the establishment ideas, work and die. Finally, Cole changed my life. I quit all diabetes drugs, PTSD medications from the doctor drug pushers and started cold turkey dry fasting.

Why? Because I didn’t care anymore, I wanted to die. Well, an amazing thing happened, I was born again, seven days dry fast followed by five days wet fast and now just finished a 10 dry and re-feed one day, now back on wet fast.

Blood work is perfect, zero medication and zero PTSD symptoms. I have relaxed my soul and see I am a new person and not a slave to see the system, lost 30 pounds in two months helps.

- John Gennari