Elizabeth Harris Bass: 30 POUNDS LOST IN 27 DAYS!

Off all thyroid meds, hormonal supplements, lipase enzyme supplements, and allergy medications. 

Accountability post #1: Snake Diet Motivation Post

Start Weight: 249.4 (first photo, top, date 6/17/2018
Current Weight: 219.4 (first photo, bottom, 7/14/2018)
Goal Weight: 165 by my 40th birthday (9/18), then ripped AF
Age: 39
Height: 5'4"

For months, my body knew it needed to fast. All these things would pop into my space about eating less or fasting, but I didn't know how to effectively not eat as I train in weightlifting and powerlifting. The closest thing I knew was intermittent fasting. So I experimented with a start of a 5-hour eating window, and then gradually reduced it. Amazingly, I started to see some results (slow compared to Snake Diet), when nothing else worked. Then, I was introduced to Snake Diet by Jaron Bass when he learned I was already doing a form of fasting. And, there hasn't been any looking back since!

Logically, and scientifically, fasting made sense with all the inflammation I had, how I needed to be in an anabolic state, in a muscle sparing situation and receive healing.

I started with a 3 day fast, then a 4 day, then a 6 day, all on Snake Juice. After those first few fasts, have been doing 5-day fasts on Snake Juice, with a short refeed, and then jumping right back into a fast. When I refeed I eat really clean meals and I train at least 6 days a week, with being active the rest of the day. I log everything!

My story:

For most of my life, I have carried a bit of excess weight (around 20-30 pounds of fat). I was a four-sport athlete in high school, and that is where I gained a love for weightlifting. I also participated in several other venues of activity into adult life. In university, I even minored in physical education and coaching because I was that passionate about fitness.

However, everything went to shit when I started taking birth control when I was first married in 2003 (I'm since divorced). I ballooned within a year and a half, gaining over 100 pounds because the birth control fucked up my thyroid, ovaries, and adrenal glands. For many years, I tried diet after diet to lose it, and extensive amounts of exercise, but nothing really worked until I started to eat a whole foods diet in 2010, and trained in long distance running. It took me 4 years, with a baby in between to get most of the weight off...about 130 pounds.

From 2012 to 2015 I competed in CrossFit, weightlifting, and powerlifting, even certifying in CrossFit and coaching my own CrossFit boot camp to help fat people get started on their health journey.

One big problem for me with these activities was that my excess skin flap frequently got in the way, and was often bruised and banged up. I didn't know at the time that the autophagy of dry fasting could heal my skin. I went to 3 consultations with different cosmetic surgeons, and they all said the same thing, "The only way you can heal this, is to get rid of it." So, I bought into it and had an abdominoplasty (extended tummy tuck) in December of 2015. It was a risk I thought was worth taking at the time.

But, more was at stake than I thought. I had complication after complication: lymphatic issues which resulted in a lot of inflammation, pancreas issues (wasn't producing lipase), hip and knee problems from being sewn too tightly, and nerve damage. 

Since surgery, I have fought to get my body back, with not much ado. I still trained and ate well, but my body detested anything that was too stressful for it. Weightlifting increased my cortisol levels, and I just felt stuck. And it broke my heart because I couldn't lift heavy. 

Now close to 2 and 1/2 years later, I have hope. Snake Diet is working, and it's healing my body in ways that other methods couldn't even touch. I feel good, still kicking my own ass in the gym with my own programming, and have visions of myself competing again....and maybe, just maybe, breaking another state deadlift record.

-Written by Elizabeth Harris Bass, Snake Diet Motivation