Dry Fasting Heals Loose Skin

There is nothing worse than losing a ton of weight only to have rolls of loose skin hanging like curtains. Loose skin is a common by product of weight loss.  Many people who follow the Snake Diet ask whether rapid weight loss versus slow weight loss will affect the amount of loose skin you will have afterwards. I am here to say that rapid weight loss won’t do anything different than slow weight loss when fasting. 

When you are overweight fat tissue pushes against the skin making it tight. When you lose weight and fat cells get burned as fuel the void will cause your skin to hang because there is no longer the same amount of fat and excess tissue taking up the space. 

When you fast your body does a number of things that actually helps tighten your skin after you lose weight. First fasting ramps up your human growth hormone and this is crucial to the maintenance and development of lean muscle mass and bone density. So when you combine fasting with exercise you can actually build lean mass from old tissue. This brings us to our second point. Our body is an amazing recycling system. As you fast your body begins to break down old or damaged cells and then determines whether they will be flushed out through the kidneys or used as recycled components in the generation of new cells. This is know as autophagy. There are a number of articles talking about autophagy and the benefits it has on the body but, I do not live in the realm of theoretical. I am speaking from experience. I have done a ton of personal fasting experiments and I have seen the results. In this video I show just how much your skin will tighten when coached through a dry fast. 

Fasting uses the body's own efficencies that have evolved through time to make us better, leaner, and cleaner.