What is the Snake Diet?

The Snake Diet is a prolonged fasting focused lifestyle combined with proactive eating. 

So what does this mean? 

The Snake Diet promotes two fasting protocols. The first is dry fasting where you eat and drink nothing and the second is salt water fasting aka Snake Juice fasting. When you Snake Juice fast you are drinking a drink containing sodium chloride and potassium chloride this helps you stabilize your electrolytes when you fast. 

Click here to see my video on the Snake Juice Recipe

The Snake Diet is defined as a prolonged fasting lifestyle.  What does it mean when we say prolonged fasting? Prolonged fasting means different things to different people. People who follow this diet have completed anywhere from a 48 hr fast to a 30 day Snake Juice fast. The ability to fast for prolonged periods of time is dependent on many factors including the amount of fat that a person has to burn, their overall health and how closely they follow Snake Diet protocols. This is not a cookie cutter diet. It is a flexible lifestyle. 

Flexibility is key to embracing fasting as a lifestyle rather than a fad. When we talk about proactive eating we are talking about changing the way you think about feasting and fasting. Being proactive about when you eat whether that means the time of day or day of the week or month. It means you are balancing fasting and feeds within your life. 

The biggest difficulty people have with fasting is getting past the judgment of others. This is what makes the Snake Diet as much about self-development as it is about prolonged health.