Snake Diet cures appendicitis

The SNAKE DIET cures appendicitis.

Let's begin...

In August 2017, I embarked on a mission to get healthy for good. I was overweight (not horribly) but still a FATTY. I also did not feel well. I began researching best practices for weight loss, mainly because I wanted to be able to eat less often, but had been hoodwinked by the lie that we need to eat frequent smaller meals. I didn't want to do that. I was well-informed already on low carb diets, still the idea of eating all day just seemed stupid, no matter what conventional "wisdom" claimed; it never made sense to me.

After extensive searching I discovered Intermittent Fasting and dug deeply into the science of hormones and finally gained the knowledge of the fasting benefits (increased testosterone and HGH, autophagy, etc.). I watched countless hours of videos on the subject and came across, The Snake Diet. I first thought, "this guy is an asshole with an over-sized head and neck, and probably a Napolean complex" and I gave up after trying to get through a couple videos of the screaming lunatic standing in front of a whiteboard, who looked like he recorded his videos using a thirty year-old Panasonic camcorder and a tin cup for audio, and was transmitting his schtick on some lost UHF channel from the 80's.

Fast forward...

I developed appendicitis just over a year ago. I knew that the appendix was inflamed and my greatest fear was going to the doctor, whom I knew would do nothing other than prescribe pain meds, and if it didn't heal, or got worse, would likely recommend surgery. I was already doing I.F. (OMAD), but after researching natural cures, low and behold, first and foremost in proper protocol is to NOT EAT. I decided at that point to revisit the asshole who screams profanities as casually as Michael Moore downs donuts, and my journey down the Snake Diet rabbit hole began.

Upon further review, I found myself somewhat captivated by the message, and delivery. "Hey Fatty" and "Let's begin" made me chuckle. I realized the screaming was wrought from passion. It became evident that this man who at first glance was a raging loon, was actually a deeply caring individual who is simply rough around the edges. So what? Truth is truth. And truth be told, Cole cracks me the hell up.

I used a combination of prolonged fasting and topical applications to cure myself. Three times a day I applied a warm castor oil compress on my inflamed abdomen. I started with a 48 hour fast, then a re feed. I was definitely improving but some pain remained and I then I did a 72 hour fast, continuing the castor oil treatment as well. Within a week the condition was resolved and has never returned.

The beauty of The Snake Diet is (as Cole always says) simplicity. There's no need for coaching, no need to over complicate it. Understanding what is happening in the body while fasted is key to not allowing brainwash-induced fear to prevent me from ever using long-term fasts again. No worries about muscle wasting or lack of nutrients. The Snake Diet is pure gold but much more valuable. It's the only protocol that is backed by real science and the history of the development of modern man.

The Snake Diet cures appendicitis. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Fatty!