The Snake Diet is free results based lifestyle plan. We have had many Snake Diet followers cure disease, cut medication completely, lose weight, and gain energy.  We do this by promoting a fasting focused lifestyle and pushing peoples comfort zone. People feel judged when they fast, they have a hard time saying no to offers of food. Cole says embrace the judgment. It will help your own personal self-development. Use the judgment as an opportunity to teach others about the lifestyle.  

Excessive eating is either a cause or an effect of many of the problems we all over the world. People are sick because they eat and they eat because they are depress, tired, bored. Fill in the blank and you have nailed it. When you begin to understand that no diet is going to work unless you address eating frequency and change your lifestyle to eating less often you begin to see how much you can help others do the same. By advocating the Snake Diet you are literally helping save lives. If someone told you that you could save the life of a family member, friend or co-worker wouldn’t you.  Most health related issues today are not permanent and so not need to be a death sentence. Advocate the lifestyle help people you know get their lives back. 

Become a Snake Diet Influencer

You have followed the Snake Diet and you have seen results. You have posted your before an after’s on the Snake Diet Motivation page and maybe even considered posting on your personal Facebook page. You want to share your success with the world and you want to influence your family to make lifestyle changes but you don’t know where to begin. 


1. Post your own before and after’s on your personal page. Get over your fear and be proud of the lifestyle. 

2. Do a write up on your post talking about the changes you seen since you started the lifestyle.

3. Tag your friends in your post. 

3. Add @snakediet to the bottom of your post. 

4. Share your post on different group pages.

5. Start discussions on your page: “Who in (Town) is following the Snake Diet?”

Facebook advocate ideas:

1. Share Snake Diet transformation posts from @snakediet and the Snake Diet Motivation page

2. Start your own social media channels using the Snake Diet in the title. It is a brand that has a following why reinvent the wheel. 

3. Do a Snake Diet testimonial video or log your fat loss transformation

4. Get involved supporting others in the Snake Diet community by commenting, sharing or liking their posts.

5. Support friends who are fasting. STOP food pushing. 



Before and After Posts

1. Post you before and after’s on your Instagram account 

2. Tag friends and family

2. Add @snake_diet_wizard #snakedietmotivation, #snakediettransformation, to your posts.

Instagram advocate ideas:

1. Post Instagram videos logging your fat loss transformation

2. Start your own Snake Diet page @(yourname)_snakediet use the Snake Diet handle. It is recognized brand and has a following. Why reinvent the wheel?

3. Like, comment and share on @snake_diet_wizard posts

The social sharing in your circle will get your friend and family interested. When you have their interest talk to them about your experience, refer them to the resources and support them through their fat loss transformation. 


Resources you can refer friends too:


2. Snake Juice Recipe:

3. How to get started video:

4. Snake Diet youtube channel: