Learn About the Snake Diet Lifestyle

There is a lot of ignorance surrounding food and what is the optimal food intake for the human body. In Western Culture over eating is not just a visible epidemic. It also is the main contributor to death. Before industrialized agriculture fasting was as much as a part of human life as feasting. Now, with easy access to foods, and people understanding less and less about what makes a high energy meal an epidemic of obesity has continued to grow.

In Cole's YouTube Videos you will begin to understand why fasting is a healthy part of daily living. This diet has helped thousands of people get off medication, say good-bye to type 2 diabetes, and repair their bodies to a healthy state. Don't be a statistic, and quit thinking there is nothing you can do about it. Watch the videos and start today. 


Hey Fatty! In this video I explain in detail how to start the Snake Diet. Lets get fasting. 

In this video I talk about my 72 hour dry fasting experiment combined with 2 days worth of weight training . I also explain how I break the fast properly in order to "cool down" the kidneys and get the maximum cleansing benefit from the fast.

Meet Wyatt, he lost an astonishing 57 lbs and hes not stopping any time soon!

Video Series Frequently Asked Questions. In this video I explain why some people tend to feel cold when they fast.