In the eyes of Cole Robinson, founder of The Snake Diet the way we viewed food and food consumption has to change. 

Working in the fitness industry as a trainer his frustration quickly grew as he seen more and more “coaches” and “trainers” give advice to clients without fully understanding how the body metabolizes food and converts it into fuel. With The Snake Diet Cole was looking to turn the industry on its head and deliver results. 

The Snake Diet is as much about WHEN you eat, as it is about WHAT you eat. The Snake Diet is a flexible fasting lifestyle that promotes a proactive eating routine. In discovering how the body metabolizes foods and recognizes hunger Cole has taken a full fat approach to eating. The Snake Diet challenges everything you thought you knew about food and the limits of the human body.

Phased Fasting Approach 

Snake Juice

Snake Juice

Essential Mineral Replacement

Phase 1: Suger Addiction Rehab

See immediate results

Clear your liver of toxins

Rid yourself of your sugar addiction

Shift your body to ketosis high fat burning mode

The first 48hr fast is a crucial step to detoxing your system and achieving success with The Snake Diet.

Before and After 3.jpg

Fasting for Health

Busting habits one day at a time

Phase 2: Flexible Fasting Routines 

Keep losing weight to hit your goal.

This is not a cookie cutter diet this is a lifestyle. Fasting is a highly personal undertaking that you can be coached through and with experience your body will crave to live.  

This phase require a level of self-awareness that is coached in The Snake Diet tutorials.

Cole Robinson snake diet

Live Better, Longer

Be Proactive. Eat Proactivly.

Phase 3: Maintenance

Learn how to maintain healthy weight without hunger or deprivation

Learn to eat proactively.

Learn to listen to your body.

Look and feel your best.

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