Ht: 5'5"
SW: 240 lbs
CW: 125.8 lbs
GW: 110 lbs + get ripped

Hi my name is Sara, and I started the snake diet almost a year ago (4/15/18) after findind Cole on YouTube.The first fast I did was 21 days on snake juice followed by 2 days of refeed and then another 15 days of fasting. I continued with fasts that would last an average of 7-15 days for about 5-6 months. When the fat supply got low, fasting became harder, so I switched to 48's and 72's.
I also did many dry fasts, the longest being 4 days. Aside from losing weight, I no longer have high blood pressure, painful periods, or tonsil stones. I'm able to finally start LIVING thanks to Cole!



Age: 34
Starting weight almost 4 weeks ago: 74 kg
My weight yesterday: 65 kg
My height: 175m
cm off my gut: about 6cm

My name is Kristina & I have lost 20lb in a month thnx to Cole. I am a full time working mom of 4 kids (one set of twins) and have gained a total of 60 kg through pregnancies and nursing. I was able to lose 50 kg through hardcore cardio and calorie counting.
I cried every day. I rarely skipped my workouts and when I did, I did double whammies. But no matter what I did..I could not go past a certain weight....I got stuck. Then I heard about Cole. I contacted him and he agreed to help me. I was skeptical as you can imagine..I mean 3 years of hardcore cardio but extreme food would Cole be able to help me...but look at me!
All I did is three 72 h fasts one 5 day fast and a bunch of 48 h fasts and drank the snake juice. I tried to workout but have to shamefully admit that out of 4 weeks I only did a week of weight training. Knowing I was not consuming any calories, I decided to rest my body from the usual 2 workouts a day 6 times a week. I also have to admit that my meals were not what they should have been..lets just say Cole would have kicked my ass if he knew. Just imagine the results if I was good w my food and consistent with my workouts throughout. Cole helped me achieve something I tried to do for years. Not a single tear! No hardcore cardio. There is more: I have been struggling w stomach pains that doctors could not explain for weeks..they stopped 24 h into my first fast. I am full of energy and never bloated. Anxiety and depressions calmed down a bunch. I have not felt this good in years. I feel and weigh the same I did at 22 when I got pregnant w my first. Yesterday I reached my pre pregnancy weight (the internet tells me I am at my ideal weight for my height and age). Remember that I cook and prep lunches for a family of 6 and was a food addict. If i can do can you. Forever thankful I contacted Cole.

David lost the hardest 20 lbs on the Snake Diet



My name is David Contreras and I had been dieting already for about 6 months when I found the Snake Diet. My starting weight was 225 lbs and I was able to get down to 185 lbs with the “mainstream intermittent fasting routine” 16-18hr fasts/day. In one of the “fasting fb groups”, someone told me to check out the “Snake Diet” so I did. Checked out the videos, Cole’s blunt, no-BS style resonated with me. So I adopted his methods. He took my knowledge about fasting to another level, and completely changed my mindset.


I went from only being able to fast 18-24 hrs to doing 72’s. I did what Cole said, “Get at least 1 - 48hrs fast a week” and the rest of the days i was on 24’s. Every other week I did a 72. Those were the 3 numbers I stuck to in my cutting phase. Refeeds I did what Cole said, NO CARBS so I would stay in fat burning mode. All I can say is, “The Snake Diet is the TRUE KETO diet”, and its tremendously effective. It helped me break through the plateaus, RETAIN all my muscle mass, improved my skin, helped me tighten up loose skin which comes naturally with fat loss. And achieve my GOAL WEIGHT of 165 lbs. I know it will help anyone who is serious about losing body fat, retain/build muscle mass but most importantly to regain their health and confidence.

Paul's 13lbs Snake Diet Transformation

Paul snake diet weight loss

Coach: Cole Robinson
Height: 5'11"
Start Weight: 210
Current Weight: 197
Goal: same weight, improve composition and performance 
My first accountability post I weighed in at 210. I compete in powerlifting, so maintaining muscle and strength is hugely important. I've been able to come down to a record low of 197, the lowest I've been in over 10 years, and hit a personal best on deadlift as well. 
I've been consistent with carnivore refeeds and using scale feedback to adjust my macros. This has been easier than I ever thought. I feel amazing all day and have been slowing upping my calories every couple days too. No loss in strength. I have been as aggressive with fasting as to drop 21 pounds in 21 and still maintain strength. So if someone tells you that you will lose muscle, it's simply not true. 
I am alittle over 5 weeks out from my next powerlifting meet, I cannot wait to see how far I can continue to improve until then. 
If Cole says it, do it. You will be successful.