Chris lost 120 lbs in 5 months on the Snake Diet

Chris Barsoumian 
Toronto, ontario, Canada
Height 175cm
Highest weight 300lbs
300lbs at May 27 2018
214lbs as of August 7 2018
Goal weight 180lbs 
Currently sitting at 178.4 November 7

I have always struggled with my weight my whole life. I have on multiple occasions lost significant amounts of weight at various points in my life though gym and healthy eating.

In 2012 I was in great shape at 195lbs up until I broke my neck in a work accident and went into a depression I got better and started a new journey again and had some success only to have another tragedy happen and I had a severe disk slip which pinched my sciatic nerve putting me in a wheelchair in 2016 I have since had two spinal surgeries and am better but was advised that weight loss was necessary for my back pain to go away completely.

On May 27 I was introduced to Snake Juice and I have since lost 86 lbs in 10 weeks I have pushed myself going longer and harder and have now passed my goal sitting at 178 November 7 a total of 5 months and have no intentions of slowing down! My back pain is non existent my energy levels are through the roof skin is clear teeth are whiter I’m happier then I have been in a long time! Thx Cole Robinson and SJ supporters!

chris weight loss 120 lbs

Kayt lost 11 lbs in 7 days on the Snake Diet

Height: 5’6
SW: 131
CW: 120
AGE: 36

My name is Kayt. I’ve officially finished my first 7 days fasted on Snake Juice! 

The reason I began The Snake Juice Diet was primarily to cure my Type 2 Diabetes. I am a married mom of 2 young girls who need me to be fully present, healthy and VERY energetic. Traditional Doctors would tell me I need Metformin, but blood tests were showing that Metformin was causing major stress on my liver (showing elevated liver enzyme). My blood sugar was out of control, my kidneys were steps away from needing dialysis. So, I reached out to Cole and told him my goals.

Let me be honest with you. This week wasn’t easy! But, I can tell you even after one week that this is going to work. I’ve been checking my blood sugars and even reporting them to a naturopath MD and my fasting blood sugars have stabilized dramatically. And though weight loss wasn’t my primary goal, I managed to lose 11.5 pounds in 7 days!!!! Never have I EVER done that. I almost fell off the scale in shock. 

Cole was and is tough on me but it’s because he won’t let me fail. Isn’t it so refreshing to have someone helping you with your health that will not let you fail? He’s helped me dig deep to find mental toughness that I didn’t know I had. After this week, I know I can do anything! If you are on the fence, stop hesitating. Show yourself YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS! You deserve this! You deserve to be healthy and happy! 
Thank you Cole for kicking me in gear. I will NEVER be able to thank you enough for pushing me to take this first step.

Kayt weight loss 11 lbs

Mariah lost 43 lbs in 54 days only drinking Snake Juice! No food.

AGE: 25
HW: 190
SW: 185
CW: 142
GW: 124 (Driver’s License Weight)

Youtube: Mariah Vitoria

This fast was broken with the fattiest bacon I could find with butter, eggs, bone broth, and raw cheese. I felt amazing after with high energy and no bad reactions! 

I was too young to have high blood pressure, no energy, no ability to run or play basketball without my knees and hips throbbing all night long. Your health is your wealth.

Before this fast I was eating 1 meal a day, high fat low carb and realized that even eating once a day, I wasn't even hungry when I was eating. What if I decided to only consume food when I was actually hungry? With so much stored body fat, my body had plenty of fuel. 54 days later and I completed a salt water fast. I experienced zero hunger. Over 54 days I consumed zero calories- salt and water only. My brain has never functioned better in my life. Looking back now I was living at 50% before my fast.

I saw many fasting videos online but Cole’s videos made me believe that I could fast for long periods of times. I would see the results I wanted in a fraction of the time. I actually feel my age again!

Mainstream tells us to eat 3 times a day with 3 snacks. Sells us billions of dollars in gym memberships, weight loss products, videos and supplements every year. That photo on the left cost me probably 10k with "heathy" Foods, and gym memberships. The photo on the right saved me about $1000 of no groceries or eating out over the last two months. I also barley exercised during this fast and got those results.

Excess fat is stored food... let your body eat that shit up. It's really the most simple, cost effective concept that we're told will "kill" us. But there's no money in fasting, and only the one's who have done it will sell it to you as the most life changing experience of their life.

After this fast I will continue to eat once a day, incorporate exercise to start building muscle, and live a fasting focused lifestyle. My life is forever changed and I cannot thank Cole enough!

mariah weight loss 54 lbs

Erin lost 52 lbs on the Snake Diet

Height 5’3 1/2”
SW: 183 (before pics taken at 178)
CW: 131
Age: 40 TODAY!😍
52 pounds GONE!!

I had been chubby as a kid, but then was healthy as a young adult. After two pregnancies and moving out of state twice, I let myself go. For 10 years I’ve paid for nearly every diet out there. They’d work for a while, but never lost ALL of it. This Feb I was at my heaviest and SO frustrated. I found the Snake Diet and NEVER looked back. I lost 32 lbs from Feb-Apr, maintained for six months, and Nov-Dec I lost the last 21 lbs. I TRAVELED EXTENSIVELY AND ENJOYED MY LIFE FOR THAT SIX MONTHS BUT I STILL MAINTAINED that first 32 lb loss!!! I will ALWAYS fast. My mood is better, my allergies are gone, back/neck pain is gone, my skin is brighter, and I have more energy for my family! I believe fasting cures ALL that ails you. Cole Robinson you’ve changed my life forever for the better. Here’s to my last 6 lbs!

Chanel lost 32 Lbs on the Snake Diet!

Chanel 32 lbs weight loss

Start Weight: 154 lbs
Current Weight: 122 lbs
Height: 5 feet 4 inch

My name is Chanel. I first heard about the Snake Diet in February of 2018. I spent about 4 hours watching Cole’s videos and eventually joined his Snake Diet Motivation group. It wasn’t until August 2018, that I was finally ready to make a commitment and fasting has played a huge role in my life ever since. I started by doing strict 72 hour fasts with nothing but Snake Juice and eventually went down to 48 hour fasts after losing 22 pounds in one month! After reaching out to Cole, he encouraged me to keep going because there was still fat to lose and he wanted to see me push myself to the next level. Since then, I have lost a total of 32 pounds, I went from a size 4 to a size 00. I underwent a breast augmentation on 12/3, with almost no down time and ended up still losing weight verses gaining it after my procedure. My plastic surgeon even encouraged me to continue fasting post op, as it would accelerate my healing and kept me from needing any type of pain medication. My Snake Diet has turned into my snake lifestyle and it 100% saved my life.

David lost the hardest 20 lbs on the Snake Diet



My name is David Contreras and I had been dieting already for about 6 months when I found the Snake Diet. My starting weight was 225 lbs and I was able to get down to 185 lbs with the “mainstream intermittent fasting routine” 16-18hr fasts/day. In one of the “fasting fb groups”, someone told me to check out the “Snake Diet” so I did. Checked out the videos, Cole’s blunt, no-BS style resonated with me. So I adopted his methods. He took my knowledge about fasting to another level, and completely changed my mindset.


I went from only being able to fast 18-24 hrs to doing 72’s. I did what Cole said, “Get at least 1 - 48hrs fast a week” and the rest of the days i was on 24’s. Every other week I did a 72. Those were the 3 numbers I stuck to in my cutting phase. Refeeds I did what Cole said, NO CARBS so I would stay in fat burning mode. All I can say is, “The Snake Diet is the TRUE KETO diet”, and its tremendously effective. It helped me break through the plateaus, RETAIN all my muscle mass, improved my skin, helped me tighten up loose skin which comes naturally with fat loss. And achieve my GOAL WEIGHT of 165 lbs. I know it will help anyone who is serious about losing body fat, retain/build muscle mass but most importantly to regain their health and confidence.

Snake Diet cures appendicitis

The SNAKE DIET cures appendicitis.

Let's begin...

In August 2017, I embarked on a mission to get healthy for good. I was overweight (not horribly) but still a FATTY. I also did not feel well. I began researching best practices for weight loss, mainly because I wanted to be able to eat less often, but had been hoodwinked by the lie that we need to eat frequent smaller meals. I didn't want to do that. I was well-informed already on low carb diets, still the idea of eating all day just seemed stupid, no matter what conventional "wisdom" claimed; it never made sense to me.

After extensive searching I discovered Intermittent Fasting and dug deeply into the science of hormones and finally gained the knowledge of the fasting benefits (increased testosterone and HGH, autophagy, etc.). I watched countless hours of videos on the subject and came across, The Snake Diet. I first thought, "this guy is an asshole with an over-sized head and neck, and probably a Napolean complex" and I gave up after trying to get through a couple videos of the screaming lunatic standing in front of a whiteboard, who looked like he recorded his videos using a thirty year-old Panasonic camcorder and a tin cup for audio, and was transmitting his schtick on some lost UHF channel from the 80's.

Fast forward...

I developed appendicitis just over a year ago. I knew that the appendix was inflamed and my greatest fear was going to the doctor, whom I knew would do nothing other than prescribe pain meds, and if it didn't heal, or got worse, would likely recommend surgery. I was already doing I.F. (OMAD), but after researching natural cures, low and behold, first and foremost in proper protocol is to NOT EAT. I decided at that point to revisit the asshole who screams profanities as casually as Michael Moore downs donuts, and my journey down the Snake Diet rabbit hole began.

Upon further review, I found myself somewhat captivated by the message, and delivery. "Hey Fatty" and "Let's begin" made me chuckle. I realized the screaming was wrought from passion. It became evident that this man who at first glance was a raging loon, was actually a deeply caring individual who is simply rough around the edges. So what? Truth is truth. And truth be told, Cole cracks me the hell up.

I used a combination of prolonged fasting and topical applications to cure myself. Three times a day I applied a warm castor oil compress on my inflamed abdomen. I started with a 48 hour fast, then a re feed. I was definitely improving but some pain remained and I then I did a 72 hour fast, continuing the castor oil treatment as well. Within a week the condition was resolved and has never returned.

The beauty of The Snake Diet is (as Cole always says) simplicity. There's no need for coaching, no need to over complicate it. Understanding what is happening in the body while fasted is key to not allowing brainwash-induced fear to prevent me from ever using long-term fasts again. No worries about muscle wasting or lack of nutrients. The Snake Diet is pure gold but much more valuable. It's the only protocol that is backed by real science and the history of the development of modern man.

The Snake Diet cures appendicitis. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Fatty!


A life back on track

This is just a short note to say thank you. My name is Tim, I live in South Africa and after a divorce 4 years ago I fell into a poor lifestyle after being a competitive athlete for many years. Bad diet, excessive drinking and no outlet for stress led to some moderate weight gain, but more importantly a general and drastic drop in my health and well being.

I developed acid reflux that would wake me up in the middle of the night with a shock, choking on my own vomit and gasping for air. The thought of going to the gym or a bike ride was quickly counteracted with take-out food and a bottle of wine or several beers. I had developed a steady drinking habit and couldn't remember a day when I hadn’t had a drink (or several). A problem that had been brewing for the last 10 years.

On the 9th of July 2018, I did my first fast, a 48-hour Snake Juice fast at your recommendation after watching a few of your YouTube videos. I have fasted every single day since, routinely 20 hours with a 4 hour eating window and extended fasts which have included 5 X 48 hours and a 72 hour, which is my longest so far.

As of yesterday (27 days in), I've lost 8kgs (17 pounds) and my body fat percentage has dropped from 19% to 14%. I am back on my bike for up to 10 hours per week, and in the gym 2-3 times a week on non-cycling days. I am 100% alcohol, refined sugar and gluten free and the acid reflux has completely dissapeared. It has changed my life in so many ways, even in the unbelievably short amount of time I've been doing it.

My girlfriend has also been following the Snake Diet and has also seen incredible results. She has cancer and in addition to all the other health befits of fasting, we are employing it as an alternative practice to fighting the disease. She is doing regular dry fasts, something I am gearing up to and will definitely be doing in the coming weeks. My elder sister started this morning and has commited to giving it a good go. I've sent her all the link of yours that inspired me and I'm going to coach and support her through it with what I've learned from you. That's it. Thank you for the work you are doing, don't ever stop, you're changing lives everyday. And remember, GET THAT FUCKIN' FAT IN YA!

-Tim Beckerling

Fasting cured swollen lymph nodes and tinnitus

So I found out about fasting through the snake diet youtube channel. Cole's in your face attitude really motivated me to give fasting a sincere try.

You see for the past year my health has been getting progressively worse. Ive been smoking for 12 years and drinking coffee about 2-3 times a day. Well my lymph nodes started swelling up in my throat and ears. I developed pulsing tinnitus (where you can hear your heartbeat through swelling around the eardrum).

After doing research I thought going Vegan would cure it, but my symptoms kept getting worse. I'm not a big guy and I bike over 6 miles a day, so to everyone else's point of view I was the symbol of good health, but as you no doubt know, what you see on the outside is not a good reflection of what's on the inside.

I finally had enough and took a week off of work.
I water fasted for 48 hours, then dry fasted for 36 hours. I broke my fast with green tea and an apple, but I wasnt quite satisfied so I dry fasted another 48 hours.

The first 48 hours were the worst. Caffiene nicotine and sugar withdrawals hit me all at the same time. But instead of wanting to give up, I took it as a direct correlation to how bad my health really was. 

I dont have health care and I can barely afford to make it to the next paycheck most months. My family doesn't have money. So this was really my only shot and I decided I'd rather die than keep living in fear and pain.

My kidneys were throbbing by the end of the first dry fast. For the first time in my life I could feel my organs and it was very uncomfortable to say the least. And actually, my symptoms got worse at first. Sleep was terrible, I couldn't focus on anything, my sense of time slowed dramatically. Every hour felt like a days worth of emotional and mental swings.

But instead of running from the situation, I embraced it. I got myself into this shit so I can get myself out of it. 

The second stretch of dry fasting was different. I woke up after my refeed entirely drenched in sweat. My head was clear. My body felt exactly like how you feel when you have a fever that finally breaks. I resisted the temptation to drink water, even though I was no doubt dehydrated. I was high on the feeling of defying my own body. My mind was screaming for relief but it made me laugh. I was hysterically laughing out loud at my body in its attempt to sabotage the process. It made me angry. I felt crazy. Like my body wasn't me, but a separate entity trying desperately to find comfort.

Well here I am. My lymph nodes are back to normal. My hearing is better. My sight is better. The head fog is gone. I can smell everything. Speaking of smells, I've smelled dead animals that weren't as offensive as my urine and bowel movements. 

I can't thank you enough Cole. Sincerely from the bottom of my heart, I have tears of gratitude. The relief I feel after being afraid for so long is beyond what words can express. You encouraged me to do this. You are truly a force of positive change in this world. Thank you so fucking much.

I know I didn't play by the rules with the pictures but what was important to me was my health. Not the weight loss.

-Lee Leboeuf

Paul's 13lbs Snake Diet Transformation

Paul snake diet weight loss

Coach: Cole Robinson
Height: 5'11"
Start Weight: 210
Current Weight: 197
Goal: same weight, improve composition and performance 
My first accountability post I weighed in at 210. I compete in powerlifting, so maintaining muscle and strength is hugely important. I've been able to come down to a record low of 197, the lowest I've been in over 10 years, and hit a personal best on deadlift as well. 
I've been consistent with carnivore refeeds and using scale feedback to adjust my macros. This has been easier than I ever thought. I feel amazing all day and have been slowing upping my calories every couple days too. No loss in strength. I have been as aggressive with fasting as to drop 21 pounds in 21 and still maintain strength. So if someone tells you that you will lose muscle, it's simply not true. 
I am alittle over 5 weeks out from my next powerlifting meet, I cannot wait to see how far I can continue to improve until then. 
If Cole says it, do it. You will be successful.

Craig's 110 lbs Snake Diet transformation

craig snake diet


S.w. Sept 2017 280 lbs (twenty stone)
C.w. Sept 2018 170 lbs (12st 2lbs)

My name is Craig. So how I got to do Cole Robinson Snake Diet was through Jason Fung on YT Robinson Cole videos was popping up so I watched one of his videos first off like most I thought who's this friggin nut case sorry Robinson Cole 😘 
What’s he trying to sell. I switched him off and followed Jason Fung for a month built up to a 7 day water only fast lost a good few pounds within a month but was uncomfortable with plain water. So checked out Cole’s videos again I thought this guy makes good sense especially using the salts so I did my own research and dug deeper. So I got on the Snake Diet and never looked back maximum fasting days with Snake Juice is 10 days then re feeds done a few 3 days dry fast every thing Cole says is spot on this guy just doesn't talk it he walks it he does the experiments on himself to verify the information he gives out.

Now my body fat is pretty low I do 48s for fasting and I'm starting a 30 day meat only as I think this may be the best way to go for me. 
So if any one is unsure on doing the Snake Diet do your own research dig deeper and find out why the fasting focus lifestyle is the way to go especially with the salts for optimum health.
Lets all try and get the Snake Diet Motivation group to a million and show how to get there health back!

My war story

I am a 56-year-old military and police veteran for over 35 years. As most people, I grew old and fat. Fell into the establishment ideas, work and die. Finally, Cole changed my life. I quit all diabetes drugs, PTSD medications from the doctor drug pushers and started cold turkey dry fasting.

Why? Because I didn’t care anymore, I wanted to die. Well, an amazing thing happened, I was born again, seven days dry fast followed by five days wet fast and now just finished a 10 dry and re-feed one day, now back on wet fast.

Blood work is perfect, zero medication and zero PTSD symptoms. I have relaxed my soul and see I am a new person and not a slave to see the system, lost 30 pounds in two months helps.

- John Gennari