age: 20
height: 5’4”
SW: 143 (3/10/19)
CW: 115.5 (6/30/19)

My name is Claire. i started the Snake Diet on March 11 & lost 27 pounds. it started with me messaging Cole a question, & ended up with my pictures on a facebook page with 200k people & Cole as my coach. it is one of the best things that has ever happened to me & i don’t know where i’d be without this. i’ve gone through 20 years of my life with no true direction, positivity, or love for myself. i’ve had poor health & chronic pain for forever. i’ve struggled since i was 11 with severe mental disorders, & tried to kill myself when i was 15. i was lost for the longest time. i hit one of my lowest points at the end of 2018, when i was on opioids after a failed surgery. i was sick, depressed, gaining weight, addicted to many things, self-destructing, & ready to give up. & then i asked for a sign. & what i got was more profound than i ever could have imagined. i learned about fasting. i learned about the power of nature & the lies of the world & the truths of life. i got the idea to start a youtube & began planning. i found out that my little brother, who has struggled just as much as me, had fully taught himself to make music, & i began writing and recording songs. i dropped out of school to chase my dreams. i found things i was never capable of having before; drive, purpose, love for myself. & i found Cole. i have done 96s on SJ, a 72 dry fast, many 48s on SJ, dry routines, & am now on 24s. it has been a physical journey, but most of all it has been a mental & spiritual journey. & it is only just beginning. i wish i could put into words how grateful i am for Cole & his selflessness & what he does for healthcare, weight loss, & all of us. he is a beautiful person & has done more than he knows for me. he made me start a fast when i wasn’t ready. he made me post my first youtube video when i wasn’t ready. he made me make this post when i am not ready. never wait until you are ready. the purpose of your life will not wait until you are ready. if you’re considering starting, get off your ass & face your fears. make your life worth living. if i can do it, anyone can.


GW:5-8% body fat

My name is Yaseen Squires.
I lost 35 pounds in a month on the snake diet. Started off with a 48, 72, then went to the sauna on a 2 day dryfast and immediatly jumped into a 48 hr snake juice fast. Made a crazy transformation from this in just 9 days lost over 20 pounds. Fasting helped me break all my addictions including smoking, drinking and made me feel amazing, happy even smarter. I never realized how sick and mentally foggy I was til I detoxed. Fasting gave me new life. I was fairly lean after the 9 days so I've been doing 1 meal a day to loose the remainder of the weight. The snake diet is a tool that empowers you to make healthier decisions! I barely even worked out this month. You can't workout to fix a shitty diet!



Diet/Fasting Coach: Cole Robinson 🙂

My name is Aline and it's been 40-ish days since I started the Snake Diet. I'm glad to report I've pretty much hit my goal weight (yay!) It might not be the fastest or most dramatic transformation here (you guys rock, seriously) but heey!

I'm actually not sure I want to go any lower weight wise (mostly because: boobs), next step: work on those glutes and, most importantly LONG TERM MAINTENANCE.

Stats 🙂
Height : 1m65 / 5"4'
HW: 65 kg, 143lbs
SW: 61 kg, 134lbs
CW: 57kg, 125.7lbs
GW: 55 kg, 121 lbs

fasting routine: was doing omad, and cranked it to 36hr last week
exercise: 1hour bike + 1 to 3 hours of yoga/

Also: ladies: I seem to have skipped shark week, not that I truly missed it🤣. I'll ease back into maintenance calories around next week and that should fix it. Body just needs to get use to being lean.



Snake Diet Coach: Cole Robinson

My name is Jasmine, I’m 25 and from Scotland. 
SW 127lbs - January 
CW 114lbs - May 
H 5’2

Initially I was apprehensive about having coaching from Cole as i had been coaching myself for two years and was slightly worried about what I was getting myself in to 😂. However, fasting was a lifestyle I was really drawn too and previously when I had tried a routine by myself my discipline would easily evaporate any time it became an inconvenience (all the time). At first Cole got me doing alternate day fasting. After a while I became too lean for that and we then went on to 24hrs.

He also helped me with my training routine getting me to train full body everyday, 1 set, which has drastically improved my physique compared to last year after just 5 months🙌🏻. I think the biggest thing for me with this whole prep, is the fact I kept over coming every challenge that came my way. In the past it would get to a point where I was just grinding it out, eventually running out of steam, which made me feel sorry for myself, causing me to partially give up as I got closer to competition. But this time, with Cole’s accountability, I managed to over come that part of myself. Yes I was still grinding it out, yes sometimes I’d feel sorry for myself, but I didn’t give up this time. It was also a relief for me to know that if I over ate one day, I could balance it out by fasting for longer the next day. I’ve really appreciated Cole’s help during all of this as the unrealistic expectations I would put upon myself would always be reduced after speaking with him, and this in turn has enabled me to get through this prep without mentally giving up. 
So much so that when I competed at Wabba International Hercules Olympia at the weekend I managed to get myself a Bronze medal in the model category! Brilliant start to my competitive season and I’m looking forward to the rest!


Coach: Snake Diet YouTube Channel 

Age 50
Started Snake Diet 2/11/19
After pics 5/10/19
SW 205lbs/waist 37.5”
CW 157lbs/waist 30”

My name is William. I started the Snake Diet after coming across Cole’s YouTube channel on 2/11/19. Everything rang so true after watching hours of his videos that I started immediately. When I started the process I was doing 72’s and 96’s hour fast on Snake Juice then later on after gaining confidence that I wasn’t going to die, I did a 7 day Snake Juice fast and a 4 day dry fast. Lately I’ve been on 48’s & 24’s, dry fasting during the day and refeeding/H2O at night. I was plant based on and off for the last 5yrs and strict for the last 2 because I was scared of “cholesterol” and heart disease and whatnot but after hearing Cole explain about the problem being “INFLAMMATION” and not cholesterol, I’ve started my own 30 day challenge of eating an omnivore diet again(on day 27 now) and am feeling amazing. Before starting the fasting lifestyle I suffered from acid reflux and inflammation in my neck and all have gone away. Best lifestyle ever and I plan to get even more lean by eating my refeed OMAD meals for breakfast now.


Ht: 5'5"
SW: 240 lbs
CW: 125.8 lbs
GW: 110 lbs + get ripped

Hi my name is Sara, and I started the snake diet almost a year ago (4/15/18) after findind Cole on YouTube.The first fast I did was 21 days on snake juice followed by 2 days of refeed and then another 15 days of fasting. I continued with fasts that would last an average of 7-15 days for about 5-6 months. When the fat supply got low, fasting became harder, so I switched to 48's and 72's.
I also did many dry fasts, the longest being 4 days. Aside from losing weight, I no longer have high blood pressure, painful periods, or tonsil stones. I'm able to finally start LIVING thanks to Cole!

Video: Weight Loss Maintenance For Women



My name is Jason. I’ve been doing the Snake Diet for 12 weeks now. Down about 50lbs and 10" on my stomach. 
SW: 230
CW: 180
Ht: 5'10
I mix it up with the fasting. Sometimes I fast for extended periods of time (11 day, longest) typically is just 1-3 days. I like doing 2 days to completely deplete and lose body fat then spend a little time hitting it hard in the gym and putting on muscle. Lots of cardio, up to 3 hours a day. Still figuring it out. I plan on competing in a classic bodybuilding show in 8 weeks.

Video: Super Snake Diet Breakfast Only


Coaches: Cole/Maaz
Age: 30
Fattest: 246 lbs in January 2017 
Starting weight: 220 lbs on May 16/18 
Current weight: 146 lbs 
Goals: 125 lbs, skinny, fit, no loose skin on my stomach, and a nice feminine physique overall in one package...I’m goin for the win!
Total weight loss: 74 LBS GONE in 4.5 months 🐍
Height: 5’6
Month 1: various fasts from 48s to 7 days with snake juice
Month 2: fasted straight to 18 days with SJ
Month 3: dry fast 2-3 days, rehydrate with snake juice, then repeat dry fast. Refeed every 10-15 lbs lost. 
Month 4: same as month 3

My Story as a little girl I would day dream about what my life would be like when I would be all grown up. Fast forward to 2018 and the life I was living was not what I ever wanted for myself or imagined it would be. It was quite the opposite actually, I was fat, angry, sad, hurt, in a terrible marriage, and hating every minute of life. I was well on my way to being over 300 lbs. It was my 30th bday on May 13th, and I had enough! I desperately needed to change my life. Change was coming alright and I hadn’t a clue to what extent my life was going to change forever. I started the snake diet and the only thing on my mind was to lose weight, I thought this was going to be only about weight loss. Boy was I in for a big surprise! Weight loss turned into a journey, which turned into therapy to deal with my past. I became my own counsellor. Through the process I was actually learning what caused me to be fat in the first place, healing from my past, and evolving as a woman. I ended up: discovering who I am, realizing my self worth, learning to love and respect myself, respecting my body and treating it like a temple, learning to say no to situations and people(boundaries), gaining self control, standing up for myself-my beliefs, values, and morals, ridding stressors and toxicity from my life, learning coping mechanisms, kicked my food and gum addiction once and for all, dealt with my issues and got rid of the baggage associated with them. I realized how strong and capable I actually am of accomplishing anything I want!


Left Picture: 155 lbs
July 14th 2017 (Started Keto)

Mid Picture: 145 lbs
Oct 18th 2018 (Started Snake Diet)

Right Picture: 114 lbs
Mar 1st 2019

Height: 5’5”

I had my first child October 2014, my second child July 2016 and third June 2017. My body had been through some dramatic changes with back to back pregnancies and weight gain in places I never thought possible. I started the keto diet not long after I had my 3rd child in 2017, I stuck with it for over a year and didn’t see the results I wanted to see. I was obviously not losing the fat because, well, I WAS STILL EATING 🤦🏼‍♀️ My SO and myself stumbled across the snake diet (around mid October 2018) on YouTube and became really interested and decided to try it. I had started with just a 12hr fast because, well, I wasn’t used to not eating and I always though it had negative effects on my body (headache, irritability, lethargy, etc) but it was quite the opposite. In fact, the longer I went without eating, the more energy I was able to sustain. I was able to keep up with my kids and not think about food. I started the snake diet at the end of October 2018 at 145lbs) and now am at 114lbs. The middle photo and right photo are snake diet before and after (10/2018-03/2019) and I’ve NEVER EVER gotten results like this with any diet or workout and I was an avid cross fitter (but, I ate a lot and figured working out would offset it.. wrong!) again, thank you. I hope this helps!!!

Video: There Is Only One Best Way to Lose Body Fat



Age: 34
Starting weight almost 4 weeks ago: 74 kg
My weight yesterday: 65 kg
My height: 175m
cm off my gut: about 6cm

My name is Kristina & I have lost 20lb in a month thnx to Cole. I am a full time working mom of 4 kids (one set of twins) and have gained a total of 60 kg through pregnancies and nursing. I was able to lose 50 kg through hardcore cardio and calorie counting.
I cried every day. I rarely skipped my workouts and when I did, I did double whammies. But no matter what I did..I could not go past a certain weight....I got stuck. Then I heard about Cole. I contacted him and he agreed to help me. I was skeptical as you can imagine..I mean 3 years of hardcore cardio but extreme food would Cole be able to help me...but look at me!
All I did is three 72 h fasts one 5 day fast and a bunch of 48 h fasts and drank the snake juice. I tried to workout but have to shamefully admit that out of 4 weeks I only did a week of weight training. Knowing I was not consuming any calories, I decided to rest my body from the usual 2 workouts a day 6 times a week. I also have to admit that my meals were not what they should have been..lets just say Cole would have kicked my ass if he knew. Just imagine the results if I was good w my food and consistent with my workouts throughout. Cole helped me achieve something I tried to do for years. Not a single tear! No hardcore cardio. There is more: I have been struggling w stomach pains that doctors could not explain for weeks..they stopped 24 h into my first fast. I am full of energy and never bloated. Anxiety and depressions calmed down a bunch. I have not felt this good in years. I feel and weigh the same I did at 22 when I got pregnant w my first. Yesterday I reached my pre pregnancy weight (the internet tells me I am at my ideal weight for my height and age). Remember that I cook and prep lunches for a family of 6 and was a food addict. If i can do can you. Forever thankful I contacted Cole.

Video: Why Breakfast is the One-Meal-A-Day Weight Loss King


SW:90kg/198lb 25/06/2018
CW:64.4 kg/142lb 2/03/2018

Hi Guys my name is Guillaume I’m 25 
And I’m from Paris (banlieue)
In June 2018 I’ve decided to practice what I have learned from Keto and omad diet because my health was terrible. as I was searching for a another video about fasting on YT I found a video of weird man screaming at me and calling me fatty since that day my life changed for the better.
Starting the snake diet lifestyle at 90kilo for (1m61) I
I’ve tried many methods as possible the snake juice, the dry fast,the urine,the dry fast for 24h + coconut and cucumber refeed the last one was the most easy to do for me
I’ve lost a ton of weight very fast cut my addiction to nicotine trough a 48h soft dry fast
I was under drugs for mental health issues and a crohn disease soon I started the snake diet I cut the medication use
(I feel way way way better now)
My sport for the first time was long hours of walk and after I began to run and now I’m doing Crossfit 
My weight as I write is 64.50kg
If can give you advice for avoid failing 
Trust only your body 
Don’t be afraid to say no (drugs, alcohol, party)to peer pressure (I have to admit that it was the most difficult part for me and I’ve failed sometimes)
Don’t hesitate to watch ALL the videos of Cole and replay it if necessary 
Don’t trust the mainstream health advice/message their purpose is to make money not to make you healthy 
My only regret if I have one is to have been more consistent on the taking of pictures to see my evolution 
Now I can say my health is better I feel like a fucking demi-god it’s insane 
I learn discipline and self confidence trough this journey i’m so grateful ————-
Now that sport is becoming my number one hobby 😄
I want to increase my performance and gain muscle so I’m gonna start the dry fast routine (doing sport on dry fast) and only raw meet and eggs (maybe some sweet potatoes) as refeed I also want to see the effect on my mental and my energy.

Video: Biggest Keto Weight Loss Mistakes


Snake Diet Coach: Maaz Khan
Start weight 250
Current weight 140
Goal weight 140 -but now I’m aiming for 120.

I started my snake diet Feb 1, 2018. I did this on and off for a entire year. This was actually the easiest way I lost weight. My routine is the same, I just eliminated food from it. I do all my daily activities, I’m a stay at home mom so I cook, clean, take the kids back and forth. Honestly sometimes I feel like I don’t even have time to eat which was awesome for this diet. I do feel more energetic, still struggling with facial hair but I also have PCOS. My monthly cycles are very normal, which is awesome!, because of the PCOS. I don’t take metformin anymore and have been able to live a pretty normal life. I love being able to go shopping and find the most cutest simplest outfits that just look and feel great! I do struggle with body dysmorphia, so when I am splurging it really helps, hehe. I’m currently wearing size 2-4 jeans (26-29) and small/ medium in shirts or tops. Size 4-6 in dresses as well. I used to be a XXL Tops and a 18-20 in pants, size 16-18 in dresses. I’m also VERY grateful that my breast have officially shrunk. I was wearing 40G and I am now a 34-36DD. I also got very addicted to this way of living. Of course you have your negatives and people wanna assume that you’re “anorexia or taking drugs” but you just have to ignore them and continue doing for you! I’m so proud of myself and my journey, now to start gaining muscle mass and contouring my body. Thank you Cole Robinson and Maaz Kahn for this wonderful journey and all of your tough love and support!

Chantel lost 32 lbs and reversed PCOS symptoms on the Snake Diet

SW: 177 lbs
CW: 145 lbs
Loss: 32 lbs
Height: 5'9

My name is Chantel and I started the Snake Diet in June this year, after hearing about it through my brother (who lost 48 lbs through it). I am 27 and have PCOS and insulin resistance, which means its pretty easy to gain weight. I had tried low carb diets previously but never had success at maintaining them long term, usually only doing them for 2 months. I have now been doing the Snake Diet for 6 months and it has become a lifestyle now and not a diet, I will never look back!

I started off on the Snake Diet, doing 48 hours fasts (using Snake Juice) and then built up to 72 hour ones. When I did refeed, it was one meal and usually low carb. Since starting, not only have I lost 32 lbs, but my PCOS symptoms have been massively reduced. I used to get my period once every 3 months and would sometimes have it for a whole month. Now I get them once a month to the day, which I have never experienced before in my life. Hair loss has also decreased, and my skin is much healthier. My energy levels are so much higher and I even no longer experience food intolerance symptoms that I used to get pre-diet.

I experienced a bit of judgment at the start from people who were unsure if this diet was healthy. Since then, after seeing my results, they have been so supportive and some have even started the diet for themselves. I encourage you to give it a shot, especially if you have PCOS, because it honestly has made me so much healthier and happier! Thanks Cole for sharing all your knowledge with us!

chantel weight loss

Travis cut from 32% body fat to 9.3% body fat on the Snake Diet


Snake Diet Coach: Cole Robinson 
Age 41
Height 5’6.75”
SW 196.4 lbs (32% bf)
Month One 166.8 lbs (19.5% bf)
Month Two 152.4 lbs (16.7% bf)
Month Three 145 lbs (14% bf)
Month Four 146 lbs (11% bf)
Month Five ? (3 week vacation out of country)
Month Six CW 142.4 (9.3% bf)
GW 150 lbs solid muscle

Because month 5 I was out of the country without access to a gym I decided to stick to low carb for month 6 to get cleaned out. I also used Cole’s regimen of low calorie high protein. I would eat about 160 grams of protein a day with low to no carbs and low fat.

Still stuck to my upper/lower split with 6 days of weights and one day of active rest.

Gained size in my chest, biceps, quads, and calves while also cutting out 2.8 lbs of fat. At six months I think I can officially say this is a lifestyle not a diet. I have formed the habits that will keep me healthy and happy the rest of my life. Looking great feels awesome but as I’ve said before the self development and massive boost to self confidence is invaluable!

travis weight loss

Cliff lost 44 lbs and gained mass on the Snake Diet

 Started the Snake Diet on 1st November 2018 which is almost exactly 2 months ago and have lost 44lbs in that time. I've done lots of 3 day fasts, 4 days, 5 days and a 7 day fast. Although I've lost plenty of weight I'm pretty sure that I'm retaining quite a bit of water as my measurements are reducing fast and my friends, family and work colleagues have noticed the difference in a big way.

I did do a keto diet for the first 4 days which made the transition to fasting so much easier and also noticed I did not experience any caffeine withdrawal symptoms which I've had before. I was a little light headed on the first few fasts, but this soon passed and I always refeed by eating low carb. My appetite has become greatly reduced and I find that I can't eat much during the re-feeds which has saved me a ton of money over the last 8 weeks.I drink almost entirely snake juice and I use the latest recipe as I find the pink salt too salty for me. Drinking the water cold is definitely much more palatable for me and I've bought an insulated water bottle to keep the salt water chilled when out of the house.

I stopped taking my thyroid medication from day one and haven't missed it and my health is so much better. I walk faster, train at the gym 4 times per week and have noticed how much more alert I am. I've found that anytime I tell someone I'm fasting they immediately tell me it’s dangerous and I could die. I laugh my balls off especially when the trainer at the gym said that fasting is a fad. I asked him how many years would need to pass before it was no longer a fad? Is 5000 years enough! Apparently I'm losing muscle doing this, according to him, but I've put 2 inches on each bicep and 3 inches on my chest despite losing fat. So much for his wisdom!

To sum up all I can say is how happy I am to have watched that first YouTube video of Cole Robinson insulting us fatties and inspiring us to get results.

-Cliff White

Video: Why Coffee Makes You Fat

Travis lost 51 lbs in 3 months on the Snake Diet

travis snake diet weight loss

Age 40
Height 5’ 6.75”
SW 196.4 lbs
CW 145 lbs

Month one lost 29.6 lbs. Avg 47 hrs fasting 
Month two lost 14.4 lbs. Avg 40 hours fasting 
Month three lost 7.4 lbs Avg 31 hours fasting 
Total weight dropped 51.4 lbs

My name is Travis. I’ve been lifting weights for years and put on some mass but through laziness, injuries, and sickness I stopped and the pounds piled on. What I realized was essentially I was working out to cover for my food addiction. 

With the weight gain came snoring, aches and pains, sleep apnea, general lethargy and panic attacks about having a heart attack.

Cole has honestly saved my life as all of those issues are gone in the first 30 days. I’ve also kicked my sugar and caffeine addictions. The funniest thing has been those who tell me they are concerned with my safety living a fasting lifestyle. 2.8 million people a year die from obesity related issues but no one said a word to me when I was fat. I start caring about myself and there is panic.

Can’t wait to continue a fasting focused lifestyle and continue to feel great. Cole thank you for calling me a Fatty and showing me how easy it is to take control of your life.

April lost 12 lbs in 8 days on the Snake Diet

Coach: Robinson Cole

8 days on snake juice ===>>>>12 pound loss!!
154lb to 142lb

My name is April & Cole holds me accountable! Take your accountability pics every 7 days and record your waist to hip ratio! (Smallest circumference of your waist/largest circumference of your hips)

The following week (after this pic) my weight loss didn't change, but I lost an inch around my waist. (I lift at the gym fairly frequently). I'm glad Cole told me to record my measurements! Ladies! The water retention...ugh..... I was really feeling annoyed that I wasn’t eating, and wasn’t dropping more pounds, but I was close to mensuration so that will do it! The joys of being a woman....... Muscle recovery from the gym is taking a LOT longer than it used to......... I'm experimenting with timing my refeeds..?.. Finally, I got some blood work done and my lipid panel shows high "good cholesterol" 🙂 and normal total cholesterol: the results of a keto diet! 
It's funny (sad) because the generic handout from the Dr still suggests to eat low fat foods to raise your good cholesterol (HDL) and lower bad cholesterol (LDL), which is the exact opposite of what you should eat. My total cholesterol a few years ago was high, so I’m happy everything looks good. And now I have a new baseline!

Someone asked about bloodwork and fasting... u are not depleting electrolytes with snake juice so any issues showing up wont be a result of fasting. 
Thanks, Cole!

April weight loss snake diet

Debbie lost 24 lbs in 2 months on the Snake Diet

Coach: Maaz Khan

SW: 129 lbs
CW and GW: 105 lbs
Age: 61 years

My name is Debbie. My friend had some amazing results with the Snake Diet, and I have a health issue that has been with me for many years, and I haven’t been able to shake it. I also had some knowledge of fasting and knew that it had benefits both physically, mentally and spiritually. Then I found out about autophagy and was amazed and gratified because, something I’ve sensed might be true actually is, and Cole and others have really proven it – our body’s innate capacity to heal.

I began with 48 and 72 hour water and super Snake Juice fasts and have mainly been doing that during the week with refeeds on the weekends. The weight slowly fell off, and I became amazed at my body’s resilience and, in fact, how good I was feeling with no food. I will probably never eat 3 meals a day again in my life. I want to adopt a fasting-focused lifestyle. Friends have seen the results and asked about it. My skin, energy, bowel movements, hair, teeth and all have benefited from this, plus one can see a nature in us that just wants to feed itself at our body’s expense. That’s the best lesson of all.

debbie weight loss snake diet

Mike lost 96 lbs in 5 months on the Snake Diet

SW: 297 lbs
CW: 201 lbs
GW: 180lbs “fasted” - 190lbs “Fed”

I started this journey on June 4th, that’s the day I took pictures and got serious about fasting. I was morbidly obese, high blood pressure, Acid Reflux, Irregular heartbeat condition (IST), psoriasis, no energy, joint pain, I WAS A MESS!! In 5 months time June 4th to November 2nd I lost 96lbs total so far.

Lots of 4-5 day fasts, some 6 day’ers, did one 10 day fast, a couple 72 hr dry fasts, and a bunch of 48 hr dry fasts.

I have been completely medication free for over 2 months! My heart condition that dozens of doctors could not find a way to cure (with meds nor surgery), was healed through fasting. I dealt with this condition for 8 years! I did a 3 day hard dry fast in August and after that I have had no symptoms and haven’t needed meds since and I feel awesome!! Not to mention all my other bodily ailments have been healed as well!

It’s been a long challenging journey breaking my food addiction and eating habits, sometimes I mess up but I always just jump back into another fast. Retraining the brain is probably the hardest part. Keep the faith, fight the good fight and SNAKE ON!! Love you all, never give up!

mike weight loss 96 lbs

Leticia lost 87 lbs on the Snake Diet

SW: 222 - Dec 1, 2017
CW: 135.4 - Nov 4, 2018
GW: 135
Height: 5’3”
Age: 37
Snake Diet family, this day has finally arrived, I have hit my Snake Diet goal weight!

I started my journey on December 1st of last year and have lost 87 lbs! My routine consisted mostly of 48, 72 and 96 hours fasts with a couple 48 hour soft dry fasts mixed in towards the end. Between my fasts I ate one small 4:1 refeed, then got right back to fasting. I wasn’t always perfect, but I always stayed committed and never fell too far off track.  

I chose to do shorter fasts because that’s what worked best for me and made it sustainable as a lifestyle...a lifestyle that I will continue to live for the rest of my life.  

Like many of you, I have struggled with my weight all my life but especially after having kids. I’ve always been pretty active and eaten what I thought was a healthy diet. I now realize that I was just eating too much and too often! I remember telling my husband, “The only way I can lose weight is if I just don’t eat”. But mainstream tells us that that’s not safe, so I continued on with my BS mainstream diet that kept me fat and hungry all the time!
I am eternally grateful to Cole for his passion and no bullshit approach to weight loss. He has changed so many lives including mine!

My goals going forward are to continue leading a fasting focused lifestyle and introducing people to the Snake Diet. I want all the other mamas out there to know that it is possible to get that smoking hot body back. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SETTLE

I also want to say for the non-believers in this group, that will say this is unhealthy...I feel the healthiest I have felt ever in my life, I feel like I’m in my 20s again! I have so much energy and motivation now, it’s crazy! I have also cured my high BP, lowered my cholesterol and my heel and hip pains are gone!

I’m looking forward to the next phase of this journey, to that OMAD life, hitting the gym, building that booty, getting more toned and continuing to work on healing loose skin with dry fasting. Follow me on instagram if you’d like to continue following my journey: @positively_fasting_mama

leticia weight loss 87 lbs